Services Communication
We possess the capability and resources to provide the following services :-
Verification for employeee:
All reliable companies would like to have reliable individuals working for their organization / institutions. We provide the base on which further development can take place.
Loan recovery of for leashing companies & financial institutions:
The service is generated for clients to recover their pending outstanding finances with any organization or individaul.
Recovery of Auto loan / credit cards:
This services is provided when our company acts as an agent to the organization and helps them in smooth recovery of
finances and credibility.
Credit & Data verification:
It encompasses verification and checking of individual credit for certain specific purpose like loan, hire and purchase of future business.
Credit verification for individual:
This service basically id done to know that exact standing in financial market and its associated purpose.
Security of Industrial concern:
This service is provided to safe guard industry, ware houses, installation from any hazard or unforeseen, damage by providing fool proof means to achieve safe ends.
Security of banks and financial institutions:
This service is provided to secure the normal working of banks / financial institution and avoid unnecessary risk to organizations.
Residential security:
Safe home genearates sense of satisfaction and allow concentration in your business.
Personal security:
The feeling genrate confidence and allow concentration of all energies towards bright future.
Security at family functions / events:
Its increases unity and harmony in the family which forms the bases of peaceful environments and strong family vaues.
Each and every service is provided on contractual basis. A team of qualified staff makes an initial visit at the concerned premises to identifying the security threat and to work out a security proposal. The same is then presented to the client and discussed to arrive at a number at a mutually agreed plan.

Their exists a reliable communication network comprising cell phones, walkie-talkies and FM recievers / tranmitters etc which link to the to the base station for prompt response. We have been allotted a seperate frequency band for interference free communication.